Flander Hamburgers Are The Worst

The Flanders burgers stained my kitchen walls and light fixtures. You go figure. The package says beef but it is not beef, it is impossible that this meat is beef. I think the way they got past the fda standard on the lable was to put a majority beef in the ingrediates thus being able to label it be. I think this product is one half beef at best with some crazy assortment of cheap meats and byproducts of meats like cow and pigs feet constituting the rest of the product. It is a mystery to all of us what the hell is in these burgers but it dam sure aint beef.


Black Eyed Peas And Rice


You are going to love my Black Eyed Peas and Rice and Garlic Polish Kielbasa with Green Beans recipe.

Let’s take inventory of our ingredients:

  1. Two cups of white rice
  2. One can black eyed peas
  3. Two cups of water
  4. One table spoons of onion powder
  5. Three table spoons of Lowry’s seasoning salt
  6. One cup of vegetable oil
  7. One pack polish beef kielbasa sausage
  8. Two large spoons of chopped garlic
  9. One can of green beans.