Landshark Lager Island Style Beer Review

The Landshark Lager Island Style Beer is something that is right on time in a warm summer day. I heard that the Miami Dolphins stadium is renamed to Landshark stadium. This beer is actually brewed by the same company that makes Budweiser. This beer is served in the Margaritaville restaurants. With that said let talk a little more about it.

The appearance here is great. The beer pours into your cup beautifully. It has a nice yellow color and a good amount of head. The Landshark Lager Island Style Beer has a great head when you pour it. The light gold color is very appealing. The smell is pretty sweat. It kind of reminds me of coconut but it is probably a sweat malt. You can see the carbonation in your cup when you pour it in.

The smell on Landshark Lager Island Style Beer is pleasant. It smells sweat and basically what every you want to imagine. This beer smells like the tropics. The smell will invite you to drink this beer.

The taste on the Landshark Lager Island Style Beer is pretty good. The good amount of carbonation gives it a good taste. It is a bit sweat which reminds you of its namesake, ie; the islands. There is no after taste to this beer. Landshark Lager Island Style Beer is here to compete directly with corona and I think they have done a great job at that.

When you have a mouthful of this beer it is not heavy at all. It can be closer to a light beer. The sweetness of this beer invites you to drink one after another.

The drink-ability of the Landshark Lager Island Style Beer is great. On a warm summer day you can put these down one after another. I can imagine being at the Dolphins stadium or at the margaritaville restaurant in Florida enjoying this beer. It is definitely something that I have enjoyed.

I am rating this beer a B+.




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