Yuengling Original Black & Tan Beer Review

The Yuengling Original Black & Tan Beer is a pretty interesting dark porter house beer.

When you open it up there is not much of a head at all. I am saying there is close to zero head in this beer when you pour it out. The color is a decent dark color that give you the impression that this beer may have a substantial taste and may even be a full beer.

The smell is very sweet and inviting. I would say it smells like sugar, maybe sugar cane, molasses, chocalate or even raisins. Once you taste the beer it is definently sweet and has a good treat kind of taste. It is not heavy at all but not close to being light. The carbonation is close to zero.

The taste of the of the Yuengling black and tan is very flavor full. You can taste all the sweetness they put into it. Upon tasting this beer you notice very little carbonation, the beer is not this but a little bit less than mild.

When you hold this beer it feels light and full of flavor. Inside of the mouth there is zero to no carbonation. I would tend to say this beer is on the flat side. Yuenling black and tan does come with quiet a bit of flavor to compensate for the non carbonated flat feeling.

Yuenling black and tan is really a winner. In spite of the lack of carbonation, and fullness, it does pack some good flavor. I have to say I do enjoy drinking this beer and will buy it again. I am rating this beer a B.






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